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So What’s Furry Encounters All About?

If you’re a pet lover, this is the right spot for you!

Furry Encounters is about small pets of ALL kinds! Here, you’ll learn all about how to nurture, care and love your small pet even more.

How do I know all this?

From years of experience dealing with my very own small pets which I learned a great deal from.

To provide the safest tips and tricks for your furry or feathery critters, I’ll combine my years of experience, thorough research based studies and my deep love for animals to give you the absolute best pet information available.

What You’ll Find on Furry Encounters

  • Helpful How-To articles on caring for your lovable fur babies.
  • Reviews on the highest quality pet toys, food, products, accessories, and essentials.
  • Strategies on solving pet problems.
  • Tips on keeping your pet healthy and happy.
  • Grooming tips and tricks
  • Inspiration on being a caring and loving pet parent.

Who is the Writer Behind Furry Encounters?

Hi there my fellow pet parent! My name is Meika and I’m a pet obsessed animal enthusiast.

Apart from having a deep love for animals, I also seek to share helpful tips to other pet parents.

My prowess includes:

  • A love for reading and discovering facts. I’ll make sure you get the information you actually need and avoid the fluff!
  • Research, research and more research skills. I’ve worked as an online researcher for clients who needed answers to some not so easy questions. I’ll use these skills to help you find out the best ways to care for your pet!
  • Having fun! Get tips on how to enjoy your pet and how they can enjoy your company too. Spending time with your pet should be enjoyable for BOTH of you! One of my favorite things to do is watch animal documentaries! Sometimes my cat stay around and chills!

What’s the Next Step on Furry Encounters?

I hope you stay here a while! Browse through our catalogue of helpful pet care tips and grab a snack!

You’re bound to find something that suits you!

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