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Can Gerbils Eat Bread? The Surprising Truth!

can gerbils eat bread

Who doesn’t enjoy a slice of bread and toast in the morning? It’s the quintessential go-to breakfast food in the States and many other places worldwide. 

It’s easy to prepare and just by adding a spread, you’ve got a whole meal right there! As a caring pet owner, you’ve probably asked yourself, “can gerbils eat bread, and is it an ideal snack for your little pal?”

If you enjoy munching on bread and would love to share this with your pet while you guys are chilling, then read on to learn more. 

Can Gerbils Eat Bread?

There are mixed perspectives on whether or not gerbils can eat bread. However, many have mentioned that gerbils can eat bread safely in small quantities and in moderation. Bread is quite obviously made for humans and not animals, as gerbils eat grains in their natural environment.

Gerbils are omnivores that eat seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and insects. These foods provide them with the optimal health needed to survive in the desert regions where they are found.

Bread is usually introduced to gerbils by their owners. While it’s not dangerous by any means, bread is not necessary for your gerbil’s survival. It could be snacked on as an occasional treat, however, there are much better options for gerbils such as a high-quality pellet mix. 

ingredients found in bread

Nutrition Facts of Bread

Bread, if made with the right ingredients, can be a healthy addition to someone’s diet. It does contain nutritional benefits, despite being baked. One slice of whole wheat bread contains:

  • Calories: 82
  • Fat: 1.1g
  • Sodium: 144mg
  • Carbohydrates: 13.8g
  • Fiber: 1.9g
  • Sugars: 1.4g
  • Protein: 4g
  • Manganese: 0.7mg

One of the major elements that stand out in bread is carbohydrates. This is essential for providing energy to our bodies by fueling our organs like the brain, kidneys, heart muscles, and central nervous system.

Carbs, as we like to call them, are also great for helping us to feel full, so we are less likely to eat often, and this helps keep our blood sugar levels under control.

Gerbils also need carbohydrates, so it would seem that carbs are a great option. However, gerbils can get their carbohydrates from healthier sources. 

As you may have noticed, sodium is also a tad bit high in bread, which is not best for your gerbil. For us humans, it may be fine in moderation, but that amount of sodium is too much for such a small animal. 

The good part is that it contains small amounts of protein which gerbils need as it helps them to maintain a healthy weight and carries oxygen around the body. Another benefit is that bread is a low-fat food, so you don’t have to worry about your gerbil gaining much weight. 

Overall, bread is a nutritious snack that your pet can eat in small amounts. It is beneficial as it helps with:

  • Blood sugar control
  • Heart health
  • Balanced weight
  • Energy

Why Bread May Not Be the Best Option for Gerbils

You may love to eat a killer sandwich for breakfast and your gerbil may stare at you as if he wants some, but this doesn’t mean he should get it. While some pet owners feed bread to their pets, there are a few reasons why it’s not the best.

Gluten Content

As we all know, bread contains gluten which many humans can’t digest properly. Chances are that your gerbil may not be able to digest it either. This is not a fact, but because this affects some humans, there is a possibility that it may affect your gerbil’s health. 

Digestive Issues

Bread may also affect your gerbil’s digestive system as it has been stated that it can cause their intestines to inflate. This may cause your pet to not eat and lead to other complications. This doesn’t mean that a very small amount will affect your gerbil, but it may be best to avoid bread altogether for this reason. 

Carbohydrate Intake

Carbs are essential for your pet’s health, however, ingesting a high amount can be detrimental. When carbs are not used up, they may be converted into fat and stored for later use. Due to your gerbil’s small size, excess fat can lead to weight gain and obesity. 

Can Gerbils Eat Toast?

 Just as with regular bread, gerbils can eat toast, but in very small amounts. If you feed toast to your gerbil, use the same discretion as with untoasted bread. Gerbils enjoy a good crunch in their foods, so they might readily take to toast. Avoid any spreads like jam and other artificial sweeteners as they may harm your pet’s health. 

 It’s recommended that you feed a pellet mix along with small quantities of fruits and veggies to your gerbil. 

Can Gerbils Eat Bread?

This depends on how you look at it. Bread is by no means dangerous, but it’s not a recommended food for this type of animal. Some pet owners, like the ones in this forum, mention foods like bread, chips, and crackers aren’t good for gerbils. They are processed and contain additives that could negatively affect a gerbil’s health. 

It’s much better to choose a pellet mix that provides all the necessary nutrients without any harmful substances. This will save you the pet owner from any potential issues that bread could cause. 

So yes, gerbils can eat bread because it’s not poisonous, however, it’s still not the best food for them and there are other healthy options out there. 

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