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Can Gerbils Eat Raspberries? Is This Tangy Fruit Even Safe?

can gerbils eat raspberries

Who doesn’t love raspberries? The tangy flavor and hints of sweetness are a nice treat when they’re in season. Although they have a slight tartness, adults and kids enjoy eating this fruit. 

Raspberries are perennial plants grown throughout the US, Canada, parts of Europe, and Asia. While we humans love them, can gerbils eat raspberries?

They are delicious, but this doesn’t mean that they are safe for gerbils. If you’ve ever thought about feeding this fruit to your pet, this article will help you to make the right decision. 

Can Gerbils Eat Raspberries?

Just as with most fruits, gerbils can only eat raspberries in small amounts. Gerbils can eat these juicy fruits as an occasional treat because gerbils don’t need to eat a lot of fruit. One thing to note is that raspberries do contain a bit of water, even though it is not as much as some other fruits. Also, raspberries are not high in sugar which makes them healthier for your pet. 

Do Gerbils Like Rapsberries?

Gerbils do like raspberries because of their sweet and tart taste. Just as with humans, our pets like to experiment with certain foods and raspberries are no different. Gerbils may also like the firm texture that raspberries have and won’t mind its unique flavor and smell. 

Are Raspberries Safe for Gerbils? 

Raspberries are definitely safe for gerbils as they are not poisonous and the fruit is beneficial and healthy. However, it’s best to feed this fruit only occasionally as raspberries contain about 85% of water which can be unsafe for your pet in greater amounts. 

Apart from this, raspberries are safe for your pet and you can feed this treat along with a regular seed mix and pellet food as a part of its diet. 

benefits of raspberries

Nutritional Benefits of Raspberries for Gerbils

As mentioned before, raspberries are a healthy fruit and very beneficial for health. A cup of raspberries contains the following:

  • Calories: 64
  • Carbs: 14.7 grams
  • Fiber: 8 grams
  • Protein: 1.5 grams
  • Fat: 0.8 grams
  • Vitamin C: 54% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI)
  • Manganese: 41% of the RDI
  • Vitamin K: 12% of the RDI
  • Vitamin E: 5% of the RDI
  • B vitamins: 4–6% of the RDI
  • Iron: 5% of the RDI
  • Magnesium: 7% of the RDI
  • Phosphorus: 4% of the RDI
  • Potassium: 5% of the RDI
  • Copper: 6% of the RDI

Clearly, raspberries contain a variety of nutrients and minerals that are great for your pet. Vitamin K for example is good for blotting clotting and will prevent excessive bleeding in the case of injury. 

Vitamin E on the other hand is essential for the health of the skin, brain, blood, and even vision. Phosphorous is helpful for the formation of bones and teeth and repairs blood and tissues. Of course, the other vitamins and nutrients listed have their advantages as well which your gerbil would benefit from. 

How Often Can Gerbils Eat Raspberries?

This is totally up to the pet parent, but it’s not recommended that gerbils eat raspberries more than 2 or 3 times a week. This is simply because gerbils need a larger dietary consumption of pellet and seed mix alongside smaller portions of fruits and vegetables.

If you do feed your gerbil other fruits, there is no reason to give your pet raspberries more than twice a week. 

How Many Raspberries Can Gerbils Eat?

It’s best that your gerbil sticks to one raspberry at each mealtime. Eating raspberries in excess can lead to a greater water and sugar intake which is unhealthy. One raspberry for a meal will be filling for your pet and is sufficient once he does eat it alongside a pellet mix within the same day. 

Can Gerbils Eat Raspberry Leaves?

Raspberry leaf, particularly red raspberry leaf is one of the most popular herbal tonics used for weight loss and detoxing. However, you might want to know if your gerbil can eat these green goodies.

While this food poses no threat to your gerbil, it can contain pesticides that are not safe for your pet. It’s best to stick with using the raspberry fruit and trying to source it organically if possible. 

Can Gerbils Eat Frozen Raspberries? 

Frozen raspberries are safe for your pet as long as you have cleaned them well and they were not spoiled before storage. When feeding frozen raspberries, be sure to dethaw them beforehand as cold foods tend to lower your pet’s body temperature. 

Can Gerbils Eat Dried or Dehydrated Raspberries? 

Dried or dehydrated raspberries are fine for gerbils to eat in small amounts. They have little to no water, but higher amounts of concentrated sugar than fresh raspberries. If you do use dried raspberries in your gerbil’s diet, feed them in smaller amounts than fresh raspberries due to the high sugar levels. Your gerbil will certainly enjoy the sweetness though!

Can Gerbils Eat Raspberry Jam? 

Fresh raspberries do contain some amount of sugar which is fine for gerbils in moderation. However, store-bought raspberry jam is loaded with sugar and additives which are bad for your pet. While your gerbil will enjoy the sweetness, avoid raspberry jam at all costs, as it’s not nutritionally beneficial for your pet.

Can Gerbils Eat Raspberries? 

Gerbils can eat raspberries in small quantities about 2-3 times a week. It contains plenty of healthy nutrients and minerals which are great for health. While it is safe to eat occasionally, pet owners do need to look out for the sugar and water it contains. This is because it can be harmful and may lead to sickness if eaten in excess. Apart from this though, your gerbil can enjoy this tasty treat from time to time. 

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