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How Do Gerbils Drink Water? Tips, Tricks, and Advice!

how do gerbils drink water

Water is an essential component of life for all living organisms

Without water, all of us would quickly shrivel up and die.

It’s needed for nutrition, sustenance, work, sanitation, and for our overall health.

And animals do need water too!

But what about gerbils?

How do gerbils drink water? How much can they drink?

Pet owners have often wondered how gerbils drink water, simply because they are found in regions where water is scarce.

Let’s dive in and find out if water is a good option for gerbils, along with other health tips.

Where are Gerbils Found in the Wild?

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Gerbils are typically found in arid or semi-arid regions, such as deserts, steppes, and savannas, where water is often scarce.

These regions are characterized by low precipitation, high temperatures, and low humidity, which can make it difficult for animals to find sufficient water sources.

Gerbils have adapted to these conditions by obtaining the water they need from the food they eat, as well as by conserving water through various physiological mechanisms.

However, it is still important for gerbils to have access to clean, fresh water, as dehydration can still become a serious problem for them.

Can Gerbils Drink Water?

Yes, gerbils can and should drink water and it is essential for their health and well-being.

While gerbils are able to obtain some of their water requirements from the food they eat, they still need access to fresh, clean water at all times.

A lack of water can quickly lead to dehydration, which can cause serious health problems for gerbils.

You should always provide gerbils with a water bottle or a shallow dish filled with clean water that is changed daily to ensure that they have a reliable source of hydration.

It is also recommended to use water that is free of contaminants, such as chlorine or heavy metals, that may be harmful to gerbils.

How Often Do Gerbils Drink Water?

How much your gerbil drinks water can vary depending on several factors, including age, diet, activity level, and environmental conditions.

Generally, though, gerbils tend to drink water every day, often multiple times per day.

As desert animals, gerbils are adapted to conserving water and can go for extended periods without drinking water, but it is still important to provide them with fresh water.

Be sure to check the water bottle or dish daily and refill it as needed to ensure that your gerbil has access to clean water.

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What Kind of Water Do You Give Gerbils?

To keep your gerbil safe and happy, you should provide clean and fresh water that is free of contaminants, such as chlorine or heavy metals as these may be harmful to their health.

The best type of water to give gerbils is filtered or bottled water, as it is free of these contaminants and safe for them to drink.

Can Gerbils Drink Tap Water?

Tap water can also be used, but it should be left to sit for 24 hours to allow any chlorine to dissipate before offering it to gerbils.

It is not recommended to give gerbils distilled or purified water, as these types of water can be too pure and lack essential minerals that gerbils need for their health.

Overall, the key is to provide gerbils with a reliable source of clean water to ensure that they stay hydrated and healthy.

How Long Can Gerbils Go Without Water?

We can’t say for sure how long gerbils can go without water, but it might be up to a week.

A study in the Journal of Mammology showed that gerbils can survive up to 29 days without water which is surprising.

These little guys are able to survive without water for longer periods than most other small animals because they have adapted to living in desert environments.

In the wild, they obtain most of their water from their food and are able to conserve water through their unique biology and behavior.

An interesting fact is that gerbils have a highly efficient kidney system that allows them to extract water from their urine and produce concentrated urine to conserve water.

They are also able to reduce their metabolic rate to conserve energy and water when water is scarce.

gerbils drinking water

Do Gerbils Need Fresh Water Every Day?

Gerbils definitely need fresh water every day to stay hydrated and healthy.
They drink about 4ml of water each day which seems to be enough for them.

Even though we’ve mentioned that gerbils are adapted to living in desert environments and can conserve water, they still require access to fresh water to prevent dehydration and other health issues.

Checking their water bottle or dish daily and refilling it as needed will ensure that they have access to a reliable source of water.

If dirt, dust, or contaminants enter the bowl at any time, just provide fresh water right away.

Do Gerbils Not Drink a Lot of Water?

Gerbils do not typically drink a lot of water compared to other small animals, such as hamsters or mice.

Because of their ability to adapt to conserve water and their adaptability, they can survive for long periods without it.

How Should I Give My Gerbil Water?

If you have a new pet gerbil for the first time, you might be wondering just how to provide them with water.

There are two common ways to provide water for gerbils: through a water bottle or a water dish.

A water bottle is a small container that attaches to the side of the cage and has a spout that releases water when the gerbil licks it.

Water bottles are easy to clean and prevent the water from getting contaminated with bedding or food. However, it’s important to make sure that the spout is not blocked, and the bottle is securely attached to the cage.

A water dish is a shallow dish that can be filled with water and placed inside the cage. Gerbils may also enjoy splashing in the water dish.

However, water dishes can be more difficult to keep clean and may be knocked over or spilled, leading to wet bedding or an unhealthy environment.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to clean the water container regularly and provide fresh water every day.

Can Gerbils Drink Out of a Bowl?

Yes, gerbils can drink out of a bowl, but water bottles are typically recommended over bowls.

Water bowls require more maintenance and cleaning, and gerbils may play or dig in the water, which can make the bedding wet and create an unhealthy environment.

Do Gerbils like Water Bowls or Bottles?

Gerbils can use either water bowls or bottles to drink water, but generally, water bottles are preferred over bowls.

This is because water bottles are less likely to get contaminated with bedding, feces, or food, which can make the water dirty and unhealthy for the gerbils. Water bottles also help to prevent spills and keep the cage clean and dry.

Water bowls can be used, but they require more maintenance and cleaning. Gerbils may also play or dig in the water bowl, which can make the bedding wet and create an unhealthy environment.

If you choose to use a water bowl, it’s important to change the water frequently and clean the bowl daily to prevent bacterial growth.

What Liquids Can Gerbils Drink?

Gerbils should generally only drink water, as other liquids can be harmful to their health.

Drinks such as juice, milk, or soda are not recommended for gerbils, as they can contain added sugars or chemicals that can upset their stomach or cause other health problems.

Also, alcohol and caffeinated beverages are toxic to gerbils and should never be given to them.

How Do I Know if My Gerbil is Dehydrated?

It’s important to monitor your gerbil’s water intake and keep an eye out for signs of dehydration.

Some common symptoms of dehydration in gerbils include lethargy, dry and flaky skin, sunken eyes, decreased appetite, and dark urine.

You may also notice your gerbil drinking more water than usual or appearing more thirsty than usual. If you suspect that your gerbil is dehydrated, it’s important to provide them with fresh water immediately and monitor their condition closely.

Severe dehydration can be life-threatening, so it’s important to seek veterinary care if you notice any concerning symptoms.

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How Do Gerbils Drink Water?

Providing clean, fresh water to gerbils is essential for their health and well-being.

Gerbils can drink from either a water bowl or bottle, but water bottles are generally recommended as they are less likely to become contaminated and create a mess.

Gerbils typically don’t drink a lot of water, but it’s still important to ensure that they have access to water at all times.

Water should be changed regularly and the bottle or bowl should be cleaned frequently to prevent bacterial growth.

By taking proper care of their water source, gerbil owners can help ensure that their pets stay healthy and happy.

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