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Do Gerbils and Guinea Pigs Get Along?

do gerbils and guinea pigs get along

When it comes to finding a furry companion, many people consider gerbils and guinea pigs as potential pets.

 Both species are well-known for their cute and cuddly appearance, and their affectionate personalities.

However, before you decide to bring home a pair of these adorable creatures, it’s important to ask yourself: do gerbils and guinea pigs get along?

While gerbils and guinea pigs may look similar, they are actually quite different in terms of behavior and socialization.

Today, we’ll look into this mysterious topic and explore the compatibility of gerbils and guinea pigs and what’s best for their overall happiness

Let’s dive in!

Do Gerbils and Guinea Pigs Get Along?


While it’s not impossible for gerbils and guinea pigs to coexist peacefully, it’s not always recommended.

 Gerbils are social creatures that prefer to live in groups and guinea pigs are also sociable and prefer to be with other guinea pigs or one other companion. 

Gerbils are much smaller than guinea pigs and can easily become overwhelmed or injured by their larger counterparts.

You should carefully consider the personalities and needs of both animals before attempting to house them together.

These furry creatures are completely different species with different personalities, needs, and behaviors so it’s not recommended to house them together, but they can definitely be in the same room together.

What Animals can Gerbils Live With?

 Gerbils are social animals and enjoy the company of others of their own species. 

If you are considering getting a gerbil, you should get at least two, preferably of the same sex to avoid unwanted breeding. 

However, when it comes to living with other animals, gerbils can be more challenging.

While gerbils can live with other small rodents like hamsters or mice, it’s not the bets choice.

 Different species have different needs and behaviors, and they may not get along well. 

Furthermore, some rodents like hamsters are more territorial and may become aggressive towards the gerbils, leading to injury or stress. 

Also, gerbils have a unique behavior of digging and burrowing, which can cause problems when living with other species that may not appreciate or understand this behavior.

Do some research to understand the characteristics and needs of each species before attempting to house them together. 

Watercolor gerbil

Secret Companions?

Avoid pairing gerbils and guinea pigs as they have different social needs and communication styles. Provide separate enclosures for their optimal happiness and well-being.

What do Gerbils Get Along With?

 Gerbils generally get along well with each other, provided they are introduced properly and have adequate space. 

They are happiest living in same-sex pairs or groups, although introducing gerbils to each other must be done slowly and carefully to avoid fights or injury.

Another tips is to introduce gerbils when they are young, as older gerbils may be less accepting of new companions.

These small rodents can also be good companions for humans. 

They are active and curious by nature, and can be quite entertaining to watch as they burrow, run and play.

Gerbils are also relatively easy to care for and can make great pets for children and adults alike.

Can Guinea Pigs and Gerbils Play Together?

 It may seem like a good idea to let these furry friends interact for some pet owners, but it’s best to avoid it.

Gerbils are known for their high energy and playful nature, while guinea pigs are more laid-back and sociable. 

They also have different communication styles and may not understand each other’s signals, which can lead to aggression or fear. 

Can Guinea Pigs and Gerbils Live Together?

 Guinea pigs and gerbils are both popular pet options, but can they live together?

The short answer is no, they should not be housed together. These two species have very different needs and personalities, which can lead to potential conflicts and stress for both animals.

cute gray gerbil

Can Gerbils and Guinea Pigs Hurt Each Other?

Gerbils are known to be more active and can become aggressive towards other animals, including guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs have different dietary needs and require more vitamin C in their diet.

If housed together, there is a risk that the gerbils may eat the guinea pigs’ food, leading to nutritional deficiencies.

Guinea pigs may unintentionally harm gerbils if they step on them or accidentally roll over them while playing.

Do Gerbils and Guinea Pigs Get Along?

Gerbils and guinea pigs are two different species that have varying behavioral traits.

They may not always get along due to their differences in size, temperament, and communication methods.

While some people have successfully housed gerbils and guinea pigs together, it’s generally not recommended as it can lead to stress, aggression, and even injuries.

Provide each pet with their own appropriate living space and socialization opportunities with their own species.

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